Agape Koinonia Alliance, Inc. has been in existence since September 2014. We are carrying out our mission to reach and positively impact the lives of kids in the community and college students who excel academically or have financial challenges.

Annually, we provided less fortunate kids with toys and gifts for Christmas and school supplies, including backpacks prior to the start of the school year. Also, as means of encouragement we provide a number of students who do well academically and are good citizens on campus and in the community with awards. We realize the value of letting these kids know we believe in them.

At our community fundraisers, we provide a venue for selected students and kids to show their talents and gifts before an audience as means of encouragement, confidence, and experience.

Parents of the kids and community members welcome and laud our efforts. We have reports of amazing life changing occurrences linked to outreaches.  

Many of the college awardees are now college and university teachers and counselors; business owners; and others who are gainfully employed in the community.  Many high school awardees are in college and doing well.  Others continue to excel academically and engage in positive events.  Several are serving in the military.

We have certificates on file from a local judge, congressman, county supervisor and corporate sponsor acknowledging our service

Upcoming events for 2023:

In June 2023, we will provide monetary awards to college students, high school graduates entering college; awards for grade school and high school students who do well academically and are positively involved in the community; help several kids who are products of challenging circumstances attend summer camp; in July and August 2023, we will conduct backpacks and school supply giveaways and during the month of December provide Christmas toys and gifts to kids, youth and teens.  For Easter we will provide a group of foster kids with Easter Baskets.  Currently, we a collaborating with a Youth Center to provide after school tutors for music and computer skills.


Our supporters include Agape Board Members, individual donors, CHP, Morongo, San Manuel and Walmart, Target, etal. There is more that can and needs to be done. Can we count on you to help us encourage and bring a brighter future to those we are resolved to reach?

How can you help?

By supplying a one time, monthly, or annual donation of any amount.

If interested, please go to our Donation page.