Agape love (unconditional love) begins when nothing is expected in return.

It isn’t blind, it just sees what matters. 
Five Year Synopsis:

Agape Koinonia Alliance, Inc., with the help of others, has advanced in its mission to reach and positively impact the lives of college students and kids in the local community. Scholarships have been provided to scholastically and characteristically driven college students..

Annually, approximately 300 kids are provided  with toys/gifts for Christmas and a similar number with school supplies and backpacks prior to the beginning of the school year. Also, a number of kids who do well in school and in the community are awarded at concerts and/or community events.

Letters are on file from college students, kids, parents and other community members expressing gratitude for the hope, smiles, encouragement and joy that our efforts have brought them. Please note the following comment: “You’re one of those people (organization) who just have that touch of doing nice things and that means so much! Thank you."

At our community fundraising event, we provide a venue for a number of students and kids to use and develop​ their talents as means of encouragement and experience.  

Recent Events: October 27, 2018 and October 12, 2019 Benefit Concert were successes. College students and youth received grants. Kids, youth and college students performances were included in both events.

Upcoming Events:
Grants to cum laude college students and stand out kids/youths will be awarded  in the community in June 2020-. Backpacks, school supplies to kids and youth, plus awards for stand out students will be given in June and  August and Christmas toys in December.

Lastly, with your help we can achieve more. Therefore, we ask you to partner with us to bring a brighter future, joy, hope and encouragement to individuals we are resolved to reach.

How you can help:
A one time or an Annual donation of $20- $40 or any amount will help us achieve our mission to positively impact and empower the lives of our targeted groups.

Thank you.


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